Music Shops in York

Find the best places in York to buy music equipment.

It's not a secret that being a drummer isn't cheap. But at the same time, there's nothing better than sitting down to play a freshly upgraded kit.

Here are some music stores in York we'd recommend to help you get started. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, so use this advice to get the best equipment you can at the best prices possible, and see which shop feels right for you.

Gear 4 Music

Gear 4 Music is one of the largest music stores in the UK. Their mission statement is to provide great prices and excellent service so that purchasing and woning musical equipment is easy, and they certainly deliver on that. Their size allows them to offer competitive prices, and their staff are deeply passionate and knowledgeable, yet highly approachable people. They are extremely well-stocked and have a helpful Tips and Advice page, updated at least once a week, that offers solid advice in choosing a product. Located in York Business Park, YO26 6RB, they're easy-to-reach. With such a broad range of products, along with good prices and friendly customer service, Gear 4 Music should be one of your first stops for purchasing equipment.

Banks Musicroom

Banks Musicroom is a name you'll surely be familiar with. They are the world's largest online retailer of music gear and accessories. As a result, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to stock - make use of it and have a long browse. If you're going to do some online shopping, Musicroom is a well-trusted name in getting products shipped quickly and efficiently with no shipping fees in the UK (over £15), as well as having a good, clear returns policy. Their customer support is also of a high standard. Any problems or questions you have will be dealt with by people who know what they're talking about and who will do their utmost to help you out. On top of this, you can get expert advice including product recommendations from people who play the drums and know the industry. You can find Musicroom in York at 18 Lendal, YO1 8AU.

Mor Music

Located at 31 - 33 Fossgate, YO1 9TA, Mor Music don't sell drums but are instead guitar specialists. If you've ever wanted to try guitar, or are a multi-instrumentalist, this is the place to go for expert advice, a wide range of guitars and guitar accessories. Even if you're not a guitarist or interested in being one (drummer through and through), the staff are very well-versed in the local music scene. They'll be able to give you some invaluable guidance on where to catch the best live shows, which bands are on the rise, or even how best to get your band started in York. They also have a small range of recording equipment in stock, so have a look if your band is looking to record or if you just want something to capture your playing.

Red Cow Music

For those of you interested in exploring a different side to drumming, Red Cow Music specialises in folk music instruments, and have done so for over fifty years. You won't find a standard five-piece drum kit here, but you will find cájons, bodhrans and many other less well-known instruments. Even if you wouldn't normally be enticed by folk music, these instruments can be great for adding some quirkiness to your sound. Cájons, in particular, are a fantastic replacement for a drum set if you're playing an acoustic gig and want something a little quieter but still rhythmic, and they're relatively easy to pick up and play for a drummer. The folks down at Red Cow Music are highly knowledgeable about the instruments, their origins and the music scene surrounding them, and are more than willing to help you out with recommendations, queries or whatever else. They also specialise in caring for and maintaining instruments, so you know your purchase will last. You can find them at 13 Goodramgate, YO1 7LW, or use their new online store.


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